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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Case Studies

Case Studies

Eye Lid Correction

The eyelid procedure can be designed according to the problem. If only the upper eyelids are affected there is…Read more

Lip Reduction

The basic premise of lip reduction surgery is a transverse fusiform or elliptical incision between lateral…Read more

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Women or men with an abdomen out of proportion with the rest of their body due to either an excess of…Read more


Liposuction is a surgical procedure under cosmetic surgery for the people weighing relatively normal but…Read more


Adolescents and men with enlarged breasts. The degree of augmentation varies according to the problem…Read more


Nose forms the center of the face and can make either a good or a bad statement. The surgery of the nose involves…Read more

Breast Augmentation

Women who feel that their breasts are too small. This can be due to the fact that, the breasts have not developed…Read more

Hair Transplant

Hair loss can also be caused by burns or trauma, in which case hair replacement is considered a reconstructive…Read more