Cosmetic Surgery For Nose: An Individualized Personality Enhancement

Cosmetic Surgery For Nose: An Individualized Personality Enhancement

The increasing numbers of Rhinoplasty – cosmetic surgery for nose throughout India and the success stories shared on social media sites by the excited patients proves the success rates. This post may help you to go ahead with confidence for nose correction.

Cosmetic surgery for nose is drawing the attention of more numbers of personality conscious people as it used to do few years back. In my opinion, nose structure and outer look in combined contributes to the perfection of face values. While being ready for important meetings, you may use cosmetics for lips, cheeks and eyes but nose is often left in natural state; it makes having the well balanced and shaped nose an important concern. Cosmetic surgical treatment for nose encompasses multidimensional concerns including shape and breathing problem. However, many of us with burning desire to improve personality take long to decide for nose correction. Reasons may be different but the more common reasons delaying decision include confusion about the shortcoming (fault), doubts about results, fear for post-surgical problems etc.

We can divide the nose structure in three areas: bridge, tip and base. Bridge is the upper portion down to tip, a tip is the point area above nostrils, base is the width of nostrils. Take your photograph and assess the most visible fault in nose structure. The increasing numbers of Rhinoplasty – cosmetic surgery for nose throughout India and the success stories shared on social media sites by the excited patients proves the success rates. The cosmetic surgery in India has become so advance that even the large numbers of foreigners prefer cosmetic corrections in India; the comparatively low cost also inspires them to turn their India tour into medical tourism.

Cosmetic surgery for nose is an individualized personality enhancement procedure; the perfect understanding with a surgeon is the primary step to success. It may take two or three visits to establish a bond with your surgeon so don’t mind to ask whatever you have in mind. Preparation for Rhinoplasty is an important responsibility of patient; it affects the outcome. Preparation may require some alteration in the current medication if any; so, consult with your health advisor also about the suggested alteration or extra medication.


Nose Surgery & Hair Transplant in India safe & convenient

Nose Surgery & Hair Transplant in India safe & convenient

Nose and hair contribute at large in personality statement. Having the desired nose shape is not in our control as it is hereditary but the cosmetic surgery for nose may help us to great extent. Similarly, if we want to cover the baldness then too we have hair transplant facility. The advances made by cosmetic surgery in India have made both the most sought after surgical makeup safe and affordable as well.

Hair transplant is being performed since more than 40 years but it didn’t become so popular as it is as of now. The basic reason and misconceptions confusing the willing patients were- it looks unnatural; it would be painful; it is too costly affair that is meant only for celebrities. The success stories of hair transplant in India are removing the doubts of willing community; so, more and more people are coming to cosmetic surgeons for hair transplant. The common causes understood to start baldness are poor blood circulation to scalp, vitamin deficiency, dandruff, excessive hat wearing etc; while none of these is certified. The hair on a permanent platform genetically grows for lifetime. It continues to grow naturally even if it is trans-planted to different site. So once you decide for hair transplantation, you can improve your personality by having the desired hair style.

Nose is the significant part of face; and, as being the center part, it contributes the most in to the personality building. Very common concerns regarding to nose shape are reduction in size, enlargement of certain areas, smoothening the nose humps, narrowing nose front, balancing and nose sharpening etc. Sometimes, breathing problems too are found associated with nose shape. Cosmetic surgery

for nose (Rhinoplasty Surgery) takes care of all the concerns delivering ultimate satisfaction, confidence and ease to the patient. Incisions are made inside which are hardly visible outside; and after few days, these become complete invisible. The nose skin is raised to make necessary changes to particular bones, soft tissues and cartilages. Implants if required are placed at the same time. Any noticed Septal deviation is also corrected at same time. Flaring nose correction is done with a minor cut at nostril. Chin augmentation and nose surgery can be combined without any complexity. Recovery takes 2-3 weeks. Swelling at nose may be even for 4-5 weeks. Most patients resume daily activities within 3-4 days and resume the office work in 6-8 days. Pain during cosmetic surgery for noses is minimal; it is controlled by medications. Sometimes bruising occurs at eyes area if the nose bones are re-managed but it fades within few days. A dressing tape is placed outside of noses that remains for 7 -8 days.

Cosmetic surgery of noses and hair transplant in India both are safe but the ultimate experience highly depends upon the correct selection of cosmetic surgeon.




Cosmetic Surgery For Nose: Quite Safe And Affordable Too In India

Cosmetic Surgery For Nose: Quite Safe And Affordable Too In India

Cosmetic surgery for nose helps to correct the faults through easy to go clinical process. Before approaching to a cosmetic surgeon, be clear in mind about the need and cause. This post may help to decide with confidence.

Nose structure is a major contributory factor in overall face outlook. Its shape may contribute in personality assessment positively and negatively both but many of us have few identified nose faults since birth or because of the reasons that are not within our control. Cosmetic surgery for nose helps to correct the faults through easy to go clinical process that is relied by the thousands of experienced patients worldwide.

Cosmetic surgery in India has come up a great way during last few decades; today, India has become a favorite destination for cosmetic surgery among the international tourists. The shared success stories strengthen the confidence of Indians too who desire improve the personal look by correcting the nose faults. The common faults that dent your face look include broken nose, structural problem, defects by birth or because of injury etc. Rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery for nose) can alter nose size, shape, width, elevation, profile, nose tip, nostrils shape and nasal symmetry.

Before approaching to a cosmetic surgeon, you must be clear in mind about the need and cause. The patient is expected to know the basics of process; online sources may help in great way. Finding the right cosmetic surgeon is the key to success because it lines up the mutual understanding. Experience, profile, social repute, references, infrastructure, location, after support and ease to approach etc are the parameters to gauze the suitability of cosmetic surgeon. The price factor is also critical but we hardly see significant differences in the estimated cost quoted by the leading cosmetic surgeons with same standards.

Like any other surgical procedure, here too, some preparations are made to ensure the satisfactory results. Discussion until satisfaction is the very first step. Photographs are taken to understand the relationships and the effects of changes made. Silhouette drawings help the patient to understand the nearby outcome. Smoking and intake of drugs are advised to stop at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. The safe recovery period after cosmetic surgery for nose may be assumed 2-3 weeks but after it you will experience the immediate elevated confidence and improved look.