Vaser Lipo

What is VASER Liposuction?

VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) Liposuction is an ultra-modern technique for painless and minimally invasive fat removal from various parts of the body. This is an increasingly popular technique for removal of excess fat as well as refining the shape and getting a toned and athletic physique without working out strenuously at the gym.
This technique uses a device that emits high-frequency sound waves that loosen (liquefy) the stubborn smaller fat deposits that remain even after an extensive (surgical/non-surgical) weight-loss procedure.
This cosmetic treatment is useful for fat removal and toning of the abdomen, thighs, hips, back, arms, legs, and chest. This is one of the safest methods and is performed by highly-trained cosmetic specialists and plastic surgeons Dr. Rohit Krishna.
How is VASER Liposuction procedure performed?
The VASER liposuction procedure is a minimally invasive liposuction cosmetic surgical technique. This cosmetic procedure aims to remove the smaller fat deposits that remain in certain parts of the body after a weight-loss. This cosmetic procedure for toning the body into a more athletic physique is performed on the chest, arms, legs, back, hips, thighs and mainly the abdomen.
The procedure initially begins with our cosmetic surgeon administering local anesthesia to the surgical site in order to prevent pain or discomfort to you during the cosmetic procedure. This anesthesia also helps to shrink the blood vessels in the region which experience less risk of damage from the sound waves.

Less Exposed Secrets of Vaser Lipo to Help You Shed Undesired Fat

Less Exposed Secrets of Vaser Lipo to Help You Shed Undesired Fat

Fat deposit is emerging as the most powerful health enemy in India at the alarming rate. Numbers of people experiencing diverse inconveniences because of the undesired fat deposits at different areas of the body are increasing fast. Few of these are smart enough to shed the extra fat through Vaser Lipo, while, the majority of fat people takes it grated to suffer lifelong unless they experience the extreme problems. I often think when people in other countries are fighting tough to treat fat at the early stage, why do our people in India avoid it. The following less exposed secrets may help you get safe health benefits of Vaser Lipo in India.

Vaser Lipo, also known as VASER Hi Def, Vaser liposuction or Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture was first introduced in 1982 by a French surgeon, Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz; hence, it is a well developed cosmetic surgery technique.

  • Non-surgical methods may or may not be effective to dissolve excess fat at the particular part of the body; Vaser Lipo is a guided process to dissolve and suck out undesired fat in a calculated manner.
  • Results of Vaser Lipo are of permanent nature; however, you may need it again several years because of aging factor.
  • No overnight admission is required; the patient is discharged after 2-3 hours post surgery with an advice of medication and care. The complete procedure under local anesthesia is painless. You can take it as a cosmetic surgery with no side effects.
  • Just 2-3 follow-ups are required post-Vaser Lipo; then, live with a boosted confidence of being smart.
  • You don’t need to change your lifestyle after fat treatment; however, following the recommended fat-free diet plan is a good habit.
  • Charges of Vaser Lipo vary at large at different hospitals according to the standards and places. Vaser Lipo in New Delhi is understood as the cheapest option with more choices to choose the Vaser Specialist Cosmetic Surgeon.
  • The more in common areas of the body treated by Vaser Lipo is facial cheeks, male chest, double chins, lower & upper abdomen, stomach, love handles, buttocks, arms, hips etc.

Are You Strategically Ready For Vaser Liposuction In Delhi?

Are You Strategically Ready For Vaser Liposuction In Delhi?

Vaser liposuction in Delhi is available at numbers of points. First, check your candidature and then start searching the best cosmetic surgeon. Blog post is intended to help the people conscious for the rigid fat deposits.

Fat deposit is the very common problem in all age people. Numbers of tips are shared on the online portals and health magazines but you too might know better about their effectiveness. I don’t mean here that all the shared tips are of no use but the major cause of failure is the different reasons for fat deposits including bad eating habits, bad living style, stressful life, hereditary trend etc. So, do not waste time and money in trials; Vaser liposuction is the versatile solution for quick fat shedding. Vaser liposuction in Delhi is easily available at affordable price; even the foreign tourists avail this facility for price difference benefits.

Vaser liposuction is the outcome of fast-paced development in cosmetic surgery. Instant removal of undesired fat from the focused area without any possibility of post surgery complication is the most active factor contributing to its growing popularity. However, you need to have certain qualifications for being the Vaser liposuction candidate:

  • Patients over 18 years’ age.
  • Lactating or pregnant women are not good candidate for liposuction.
  • You must be free from serious health problems and medications.
  • You must not depend upon blood-thinning medicines.
  • People allergic to lidocaine allergies are not good candidates for the liposuction.
  • Obese people are not good patient for liposuction.
  • If the skin of focused point has lost elasticity, then too, you must avoid liposuction.

So, if you are convinced with the benefits of liposuction, you must start the selection process. Finding a cosmetic surgery center is not tough task in Delhi but finding the qualified, experienced and expert surgeon with caring attitude for vaser liposuction Delhi is a challenge; especially for those, who have little knowledge about the capital city. Fix your priorities including location, operation time, meeting hours, supportive facilities, references, local repute, set ups etc. Shortlist at least 2-3 cosmetic surgeons for vaser liposuction in Delhi; compare the estimates, experience, set up standards, ease in follow-ups etc. From my point of view, trust and perfect understanding makes the way for the ultimate post Vaser Liposuction experience.


Vaser Lipo In India – Affordable Cosmetic Surgery To Make You Feel Like Celebrity

Vaser Lipo In India – Affordable Cosmetic Surgery To Make You Feel Like Celebrity

The term ‘vaser liposuction in Delhi’ is finding the more than before place in the discussions in the communities of people suffering with abnormal fat deposits and the people tending to get fat bulges harming their comfort and personality. Vaser liposuction technique is being practiced in India since decades but it was not as much socially accepted as it is today; and, its social acceptance is growing high year after year.

The Proven Benefits Of Vaser Liposuction:

My friend Mark Deniel lives in South Delhi. Since last two years, he is practising strict workout and diet schedules but the fat deposits that started about three years are continue to grow. Today, he feels shy in the office, party and business meetings because of law self esteem. I suggested him to meet vaser liposuction surgeon; today, he looks alike handsome man full of confidence while his colleagues are surprised to see the changes. There are number of similar encouraging incidents that prove the importance of vaser liposuction for the people having local fat deposits.

Enjoying the benefits of vaser lipo in India is easier than before. Decade before, numbers of people used to take it as the advance surgical procedure – costly beyond affordability. Many desiring people used to think that they need to go abroad for successful vaser liposuction; some people had doubt about the results, life and complications. Growing numbers of vaser liposuction in Delhi proves that it is available for anyone, it is affordable, it is safe and delivers long lasting results.

How To Initiate For Vaser Liposuction In Delhi?

The determination is the very first step. First of all, you should make your mind clear about the necessity of fat reduction; metrics like comfort level, disease development, impact upon personality, personal feel about the bulges, impression upon the friends and clients etc may help you decide right. The next step is to arrange a caretaker for 6-8 days and to manage 10-15 days off from office duty. Post vaser liposuction, heavy medication is not advised but patients need to take complete in-house rest for 10-12 days. It is a pain free and blood free surgery that doesn’t need overnight admission’ patient is discharged after 2-3 hours.

Vaser liposuction is a surgical art to sculpt and suck out the deposited fat with complete control in calculated manner. Any person having fit muscle tone may be an ideal candidate if he is not suffering with critical disease. It allows you to have perfect shaped chest, thighs, abdomen, breast, buttocks, back, hips, arms, waist etc. The initial preparations include the assessment of underneath structure, fixing the desired shape, judging possible achievement, checking any risk involved etc. Patients are advised to quit smoking at least 3-4 days before. All these preparations are easy to perform but your ultimate experience depends upon the proper selection of vaser liposuction surgeon.